Help save water and the environment.

Wash your car responsibly.

Now there is an environmentally responsible way to wash your car, Wash U. We use the latest sustainable car wash technology to reclaim and recycle 80% of the water and use half the energy of a conventional car wash. At Wash U we use less additional fresh water to wash your car than most people use to take a shower while still delivering a better clean.

Fresh Water Usage

15 gallons: Wash U Car Wash

60 gallons est: Traditional car wash

150 gallons est: At home, driveway car wash

Save water with Wash U

Most people don’t realize that washing your car in your driveway is one of the most environmentally un-friendly chores you can do. Not only do you use up to 150 gallons of fresh water, the soapy water loaded with gas and oil residue, runs off right into the storm drains and eventually into local rivers and streams.

Old school car wash tunnels or stalls aren’t much better, consuming up to 60 gallons or more of water and often discharging all the untreated wastewater. Also, “touchless” washes have to use more harsh chemicals to attempt to remove dirt as well as gas and oil residue from your car’s surface. These chemicals can actually damage your car’s protective clear coat finish and can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

At Wash U we are proud to be one of the most environmentally responsible car washes. We utilize breakthrough car wash technology that uses a fraction of the water while delivering a high quality professional wash to make your car shine. We recycle and reuse water and properly dispose of residue.

It’s time to feel good about getting your car washed the responsible way. Let us show you how.

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