Frequently Asked Questions

The Wash Menu is designed to give you a range of options depending on what type of car wash meets your needs. All of our car wash packages include FREE use of our high powered vacuum stations.

EXPRESS is our 3-minute car wash that provides one of the best basic car washes in the industry. It includes a thorough wash, pressurized spot-free rinse and dry to give you a great, quick clean.

CLEAN includes the Express Wash, plus adds on a number of features that include rim blaster to remove brake dust and dirt to get rims to shine. This package includes Lava Pre-Soak which starts the wash process by dissolving dirt and debris, and Clear Coat and Triple Foam to help protect your finish. We’re also one of the only car washes in the area that offers high pressure undercarriage cleaning to remove dirt and salt that can cause rust, finishing off with a Heated Dry.

SHINE includes the Clean Wash, plus adds an important layer to help rejuvenate your car’s finish and preserve the shine with Body Protectant. Rain Repellant is added to to your windshield to provide better visibility, and Tire Gloss to restore the look of your tires and accentuate your clean, shiny rims.

PROTECT is our ultimate package and includes the Shine Wash, plus adds hot Carnauba wax, the hardest wax known to man to provide a natural water repellant and protection from harmful UV rays. Combined with our Polish Wax, our complete 5 wax package offers the best protection to restore your finish and preserve the value and long last beauty of your vehicle.
You can also upgrade any car wash package and add any single service or services ala carte from the wash menu screen as you enter the wash.

Say goodbye to the carwash metal guide rails. We know it’s difficult to line-up with traditional car wash rails without hitting your tires or rims. At WASH U you effortlessly drive onto 30-inch wide conveyor belts that glide your car through the wash.

No. “Touchless” car washes have to use more harsh chemicals to try to remove dirt as well as gas and oil residue from your car’s surface. These chemicals can actually damage your car’s paint and finish. Many “touchless” washes also end up wiping off remaining dirt as they hand dry your car with abrasive cloth towels.

Washing your car in your driveway can actually be harmful to the finish as well as the environment.  A University of Texas study proved that a single home-wash can leave scratches in your finish as deep as 1/10th of the paint’s total thickness. Sponges and chamois cloths often retain dirt as they are used to wash your car. In addition garden hoses typically cannot supply enough water and water pressure to work with detergent to get your car truly clean. Washing your car also uses up to 10 times the amount of water as the environmentally friendly systems at WASH U – and driveway soapy water run off with oil and gas residue go into storm drains and eventually end up in local rivers and streams. All that said, there’s nothing more fun than a good old fashioned car wash and friendly water fight in the driveway on a warm day. We just happen to think you should do the rest of your car washing with us

We can wash almost any size car, SUVs, and most pick-ups including dually’s. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate high-roofed sprinter vans or vehicles with ladder racks. Most bike, ski and other roof racks can also be accommodated. Please ask WASH U teammates about specific size limitations or aftermarket attachments.

Never. When we say $6 for an express wash, we mean $6 no matter what type of vehicle you own. Our dual belt conveyors also allows us to accept larger vehicles and dually pick-ups that most other washes can’t accommodate.

Yes. Appearance is the first thing that buyers look at with a used car. If the finish is dull, damaged, or there are signs of rust, it makes if difficult to get top dollar not matter how well it runs. Regular washing and proper care of your car will remove corrosive salt and dirt that can trap moisture – and add coatings and waxes that protect your car’s paint.

As soon as you can, especially for newer vehicles. Insect residue and bird droppings are acidic and immediately start to eat away a vehicle’s finish.

Carnauba Wax is made from a species of a South American palm tree. This wax is one of the best and hardest waxes available and provides natural resistance to water and harmful UV rays. We blend it with other waxes and formulations so that it can be applied properly and provide you with a brilliant long-lasting finish that also protects your car.

We have state of the art systems that reclaim, process, and highly filter water so that it can be reused effectively and give your car an exceptional clean.  We’re proud that we’re among our industry’s most sustainable, environmentally responsible businesses.

No. We use patented Neo-Glide wraps to provide a soft-touch wash — removing dirt and grime safely and effectively. Neo-Glide feels similar to a diver’s wet-suit. It resists water absorption and resists becoming embedded with grit so it retains a gentle, clean characteristic throughout the wash cycle.

Absolutely! We utilize the latest in high-tech car wash technology. Studies show that our equipment is much safer than most other car washes including gas station washes, hand washes, touchless car washes, or even washing your car at home.

We’re not sure about this superstition. We believe that if you bring your umbrella in the car with you, then it certainly won’t rain.

We know for sure that while most of us don’t want to get our car washed in the middle of a downpour, the possibility of rain in the forecast isn’t a good reason to avoid getting a car wash. It’s a misconception that rainwater will do an adequate job cleaning your car. Raindrops won’t wash away the dirt and grime all over your car body and chassis. Also, rain and snow may contain acid that can eat away at the paint and chrome finishes on your car. The protective waxes and repellents we offer will help you protect your car from the weather in rain, sleet, snow, and intense heat.

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